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Why E-commerce for Artisans?

An e-platform introduces new ways to international business in which even small firms can operate as global rivals. The ‘E-Nurture’ program is also aimed at enabling them to learn e-commerce management and e-skill training in the current business environment.
E-Nurture is an endeavor to provide and sharpen bills skills such as Product Development, Merchandising Concepts, Consumer Taste, E-commerce Photography, Quality Assurance, Packaging and Logistics, Small Businesses financial skills. The training will bring about overall efficiency in their small businesses and will help them market their products on e-commerce platforms and ultimately result in sustained livelihood and income generation.
With the E-Nurture project we will help on board artisans in the country at various craft clusters and to provide them market linkage through their SHG’s and primary producer organizations to enter virgin markets.