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Why E-Nurture

The global handicrafts market was worth US$ 663.9 Billion in 2019. Handicrafts refer to products that are handmade using simple tools and represent the culture and traditions of a country or region. Their production requires considerable hand-eye coordination and intense concentration. Each handcrafted product is unique as each craftsperson applies their strength differently, owing to which every product has distinct qualities.
In spite of growth at the global level, the Indian artisans are unable to tap the market opportunities owing to limited reach to customers. They do not have the opportunities to receive direct feedback from customers and market trends resulting in their producing traditional designs without much innovation, restricting their growth and improving economic conditions.
The Solution to all the bottlenecks and growth-related problems, is enabling the Artisans community with Business Skills relating to Product Development to meet market needs, Market Intelligence, Merchandise and design concept, E-commerce Photography, Ensuring Quality standards, Packaging, understanding of Logistics and Business Accounting.
The E-Nurture programme will bring out greater efficiency in their overall management of managing products and better way of marketing on E-commerce, retail, and exports.